A Heritage jewel of Quito is reborn

The Casona D’Alameda Boutique Hotel project was born in 2014 with the search for a property in the First Historic Center of the World declared Cultural Heritage, in 2015 the property originally called Casa Saenz Merino was acquired. Antonio Saenz entrusts the construction of the house to the Italian-Swiss architect Francisco Durini Cáceres, son of Lorenzo Durini Vasalli (Swiss) in 1910, a work that lasted four years to be completed.

The architect Francisco Durini was one of the most recognized architects of the time since he brought, in a second wave of migration, a number of projects of public and private works, such as the former Military Circle of Venezuela Street, Gillespie House , current Metropolitan Heritage Institute, the monument to August 10 of the Plaza de la Independencia, the current Numismatic Museum, among several other emblematic buildings of the city.

Mr. Antonio Saenz was the vice president of the Rotary Club of Quito and surely for this reason the property becomes the headquarters of such a distinguished club.

Politicians, military and businessmen, have been some of the owners of the property, including Moisés Alberto Hidalgo, owner of the cattle ranch El trapicheo, the largest in the country at that time, narrate the documents sold by the current Casona D'Alameda to create the Monterrey Sugar Mill. The purchase of the house is made by Lieutenant Colonel Rafael Armijos Valdivieso, Vice President of the House of Representatives in the year 1980 and historical leader of the Conservative Party of Ecuador, among the most prominent former owners.

By conversations with the residents of the sector, they identify the Casona D'Alameda as the First Police Station of Quito, which could be supported because during the rehabilitation of the property, documents belonging to an entry form were found, in which he says "Commissariat 1 of Quito" year 1962. And the rest of the document is destroyed.

The family project sought since its inception to invest in a Heritage Property, with all the knowledge that the infrastructure of the historic center of Quito is one of the most exquisite in Latin America, the search for a property with the properties is carried out for more than a year Characteristics intended for the best development of the project.

La Casona D’alameda is a property listed as a Patrimonial Property and inventoried by the Metropolitan Heritage Institute (IMP). Prior to the start of the project execution, discussions were held with the IMP, who derived the advice and support to the Secretariat of Habitat and Housing Territory, historical areas, who approved the plans in a period of one year and a half, due to the thoroughness with which one should intervene in the property.

The rehabilitation of the property has been integral, that is, the entire electrical system, and the sanitary hydro was completely replaced. Additionally, modern smoke detection systems, Internet and video surveillance were installed.

Within the structural studies of the housing it was determined that a structural reinforcement was not essential but due to responsibility and to protect the Patrimonial Property, this reinforcement was executed. This item substantially increased the rehabilitation budget, but nevertheless, the property now has a solid structure that will contribute to possible telluric movements, greatly reducing a partial or total loss of the Good, it is worth mentioning that this work, due to its high Cost is not usually carried out in a rehabilitation, or it is partially done.

To preserve the essence of what once was the Saenz Merino House and currently La Casona D'Alameda tried to reuse all existing wood and elements, that is why the charm obtained in each corner of the property obeys a conservation criterion , respect and rescue of its originality.

A curious and very important fact was the finding of a waxed pencil sketch made on one of the walls, it is not possible to affirm it, but most likely from the architect F. Durini, these sketches represent the architectural details of the arches and columns of the main facade, no doubt a true piece of history that has been rescued, but not treated, but that certainly creates a connection between the designer of the property and those who inhabit it today, almost a hundred years later, for the enjoyment of its creation.

Currently the project is a reality, La Casa Saenz Merino has become the Boutique Hotel Casona D'Alameda, has nine suites type rooms, the same ones that have been named with what distinguishes Ecuador worldwide, so for example we have the room; Galapagos, Amazons, Roses, Chocolate, Orchids, Otavalo, Middle of the World, Montecristi, Cotopaxi.

The property also has a green area, bbq area. Wood oven, terraces with beautiful views of the Basilica of the National Vote, wine cellar, kitchen, dining room, wineries, laundry and housing of the current owners, who manage and manage the Boutique hotel, in a family environment, personalized, safe and With all the current comforts.

The feeling of the owners is, from the deepest part, that of having rescued an architectural jewel of the city, returning to Quito, the city and the country a piece of history, a witness of that life of elegant costumes, long walks by La Alameda, of live classical music with large banquets, which today is reborn to tell it again.

Welcome home!

Your Friends in Quito

Germán, Fanny, Belén, Diego

1914Build Year

Your experience includes

1. A family stay
Our hotel concept is focused on the friendly and personalized service, inside a house where its owners are your hosts on this wonderful trip to the heart of Quito, feel the hospitality of our family in a safe, clean and cozy environment.
2. Easy mobility
Located at the gates of the historic center, the main square of Quito is 8 minutes walk, The Cathedral of the Basilica 4 minutes walk but if you want to go to the Middle of the World, La Marical, La Floresta, you have the ease of Take transportation at the door of the Hotel, without having to wait long periods of time.
3. Homemade breakfast
Prepared by the hosts of the house with the freshest and most exquisite fruits, you can also find in your breakfast, various types of bread, prepared eggs of your choice, avocado, ham, cheese, tomato, coffee or tea. It doesn't matter if you have to leave very early in the morning, our flexible schedules will allow you to enjoy this wonderful moment. Breakfast is included in your room rate
4. Common spaces
Within the Casona D'Alameda you can find several spaces so you can relax and enjoy your stay, beautiful views from the terrace towards the mountains and the city and as a main attraction the imposing Cathedral of the basilica. Sunbathe in our garden, surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers or under a huge palm tree.


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Cuidamos de ti y de nosotros. Juntos lo haremos!

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