Bed : 1 simple bed
Occupancy : 1 adult
Location : 1st floor
Size : Approximately 17 m²
Bathroom : Shower bath

Between 1736 and 1744, a French geodesic mission (led by Charles Marie de la Condamine) traveled to Ecuador (then part of the Spanish empire) to resolve a discussion that existed at the Academy of Sciences in Paris, about whether the globe had flattening at the poles or at the ends. This mission made astronomical measurements and calculations to determine what the flattening of the Earth was indeed. Hence the Decimal Metric System is derived, because the Metro is the ten-millionth part of a quadrant of the Earth’s meridian, which was measured by the mission of La Condamine and other experts who were on the expedition.

Room Amenities

  • Double size bed(4.5 X 5.5 ft)
  • Private bathroom
  • Shampoo, conditioner, cream
  • hair dryer
  • Free Wifi
  • Garden View
  • Free Breakfast
  • Hot/Cold Shower
  • Bottled of Water
  • Ecuadorian chocolate
  • safe box
  • All Taxes Included
Cozy single room with private bathroom, shower, internet access, free Netflix and views of the garden


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